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Tutus Baby-Pre-Teen Girls Tutu Skirts


Tutus Tea Length and Floor Length

4 Layer Tutus Custom made for you in 7-10 days


                     Choose your color and your length / waist size below


     Red                  Turquoise                     Pink                   Hot Pink              


       Purple                     Lime                  Ivory                       Grey Shimmer     White or Black too! 

Tutu - Child Floor or Tea Length

Tutus for children / girls.  4 lovely layers of Nylon Tulle. A softer tulle than most offer. Has good body and form, but is not stiff.  Wide elastic waistband allows for a formal look, to be worn low on the abdomen, or upper if preferred.  Choose your color, choose your length, and then the waist range. Shimmer Colors have an added SOFT focus glow/ shimmer. Very unique and pretty. Not glittery, but subtle shimmer. Made In the USA. Takes 7-10 days to make in most cases.


Waist Range:


Add Matching Satin w Flower Bow/Sash:

Quantity: Price: $55.00 and up Tutu




 Rainbow Tutu

Cupcakes by Matthew LangilleCupcake Leg Warmers


Stunning 6 Color Rainbow Tutu is so fun to wear while creating smiles and giggles everywhere she goes in it. Choose your bow color: Hot Pink, Lime, Blue, Pink.

Sizes: Small=Baby-Toddler Waist 14-20 9" Long , Medium= Age 3-6 Waist 18-24 10" Long,   Large Age 7-Teen Waist 24-30 12" Long


Quantity: Rainbow   $32.00



Emerald Green! 

Gorgous Kelly/Emerald Green tutu! Hand tied and sewed. Comfy waist (all of ours are) Pixie cut edges for a stunning look. Comes in 12" Long or 16" Long Girls to teeens/adults


Quantity: Price: $29.95 Tutu Emerald / Kelly Green



Petal Tutus for your little Tinkerbell, or Princess


                    Dark Pink                                                          Light Pink


                           Lavender                                                    Ivory Cream

Lime Green (Tinkerbell Tutu)

  Same skirt, different views & colors.  12" Length. Waist goes from 18" to 24"

             Close up of Flower Detail at waist

These adorable tutus are too much fun ! Your little princess will love these for dress up and play time. The stretchy waist goes from size 18Month to about age 7. Length is 12". Double layer nylon tulle, is not scratchy like net tulle is. Pretty flower rose petals float inside the skirt. Lovely 3" Silk Rose and sheer orgnaza ribbon top it all of.


Quantity: Price: $8.95     



 Ballet Tutus - Girls

          LIME                                  HOT PINK                         LAVENDER

               IVORY                         BURNT ORANGE                RED

Waist band is satin...very pretty!

Oh so sweet Ballet Tutus made of soft tulle.  Satin covered waistband gives it a luxe look.  These adorable ballet style tutus are so popular! Used for plays, dance recitals and more. Your little princess will also love these for dress up and play time. The stretchy waist goes from size 2 Year  to about age 12.  Length is 12". Triple Layer Tutu made of  nylon tulle, is not scratchy like net tulle is.  A pretty 2"  Double Side Satin Bow is sewn onto this lovely skirt.


Quantity: Price: $6.95  Tutus- Ballet Age 2-12 (Larger size below)





Lace Umbrella  - Perfect for photo shoots

Lace Umbrella

How sweet is this little girl umbrella? Works are a real umbrella but is perfect for photo shoots ! Covered with white lace, and has a plastic layer beneath the lace. Plastic safety tips on the ends. Plastic White Handle.


Quantity: Price: $7.95



The Story of Tinkerbell

Did you know that our United Nations has named this little Fairy Tinker Bell--a leading citizen of both Disneyland and Never Neverland / as its "Honorary Ambassador of Green" to help promote environmental awareness among children internationally.

Kermit the Frog once observed in song that "it's not easy being green," but he was talking about skin color, not lifestyle. For Tinker Bell, being green isn't just easy, it's as natural as flying.

This pint-sized pretty pixie originally  appeared as a tiny point of light in Peter Pan, the 1904 play by JM Barrie.  After Walt Disney got the rights to the story, Tinker Bell evolved into a curvaceous fairy with gossamer wings, a sassy attitude, and a pocket full of pixie dust that could turn mere humans into aerial acrobats.

Over the years, Tinker Bell has become a favorite of Disney fans everywhere. Besides starring in the animated Disney version of Peter Pan, she also co-hosted the long-running television series, The Wonderful World of Disney, and still appears nightly at both Disneyland and Disney World. Along the way, she also began starring in a series of animated films that teach kids to respect nature and protect the environment.

On Sunday, October 25 2009, the UN hosted the premier screening of Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, Tink's latest green-themed movie, as part of its Creative Community Outreach Initiative. In announcing Tinker Bell's selection as Honorary Ambassador of Green, the United Nations said the screening was intended to promote environmental awareness in the weeks leading up to the Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change in mid-December.

"Nine out of every ten natural disasters are climate-related, with rising temperatures and more frequent floods, droughts and storms affecting millions of people's lives," according to a United Nations press release. "The United Nations is leading the 'Seal the Deal' campaign to garner public support and encourage world leaders to reach an effective climate agreement when they meet in Copenhagen from 7 to 18 December 2009