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 We have tea length petticoat, crinolines, and lace slips ..  

What is a tea length petticoat? A Crinoline?


Crinoline Petticoat Tea Length - Bettie Page would be proud of you !


Gorgeous Colored Crinolines made with organza and netting

High quality, durable, and really luxurious Crinoline Petticoats. We specialize in these gorgeous Made in the USA crinolines. We have colors ....oh do we have colors... never before dreamed or dared colors! So pretty, feminine, and well made. Inner layer skirt is a smooth nylon to prevent scratchiness. Outer layers are made of nylon net with multiple tiers, and a lovely satin binding trim at each layer / tier. Sizing: Small = 27\" Long Waist 24 -32 Medium Length 28 Waist 28 - 38 Large Length 29\" Waist 30 - 42



Quantity: Crinoline PetticoatPrice: $48.95


      Yellow Crinoline                   Orange Crinoline                   Mint Aqua Seafoam Green


    Royal Blue Crinoline             Raspberry Crinoline                 Red Crinoline


       Pink Crinoline                           Purple Crinoline                          Lavender Crinoline   


    Black Crinoline                  Grey Silvery Crinoline            Light Crystal Blue Crinoline              White Crinolines


Hot Pink Crinoline (neon)     Apple / Lime Green Crinoline           Ivory Cream w Red Trim      Ivory Cream Crinoline



Betsey Johnson Official Store, BTSY-6508 Crinoline Skirt, betseyjohnson.comTeen and Adult Petticoat Skirts made with soft chiffon - tea length too  

Price: $65.00  (ours is identical to the Betsy Johnson Petticoat) 

Color: See Colors Below Here


Quantity: Price: $65.00  (Extra for Longer Lengths of 27" & 30")

Teen and Adult Soft Chiffon Petticoat Skirts   $65.95
Betsey Johnson Official Store, BTSY-6508 Crinoline Skirt,
Whether you call them pettis, petticoats, pettiskirt or fluffy chiffon skirts .. these petticoat skirts cause instant smiles, giggles, amazement, jealousy...and more!

These skirts have an adjustable button in the waist, so they fit many sized teens and ladies.  This entire skirt is Chiffon, the waist/yoke too. 

Teen/Adult Petite is: Waist 22" to 34" Length 19" Long

Adult Small is: Waist 26" to 38" Length 21" Long

Adult Medium Waist 30 - 44" Length 22" Long

Adult XL Waist 38-50 Length 23" Long   -     AND NOW...NEW 27" Length in Black, White or Ivory Cream



               Ruby Red                           Pink                                  Raspberry               Hot Pink (neon bright) 


             Dusty Rose                           Dark Berry                                  Wine                                White  


        Ivory/ Cream                               Purple                                 Lavender  


                Peach                                     Orange                                     Yellow


                Light Blue                             Williamsburg Blue                     Royal Blue                                


                Turquoise                               Navy Blue                                Peacock Blue                      


            Jade Green                                 Black                        Turquoise shown in action under another skirt



Full Length Chiffon Slips - 2 or 3 Layer Perfect for under a Bridal gown/ Wedding Dress





              Red                             Raspberry                  Dusty Rose             Light Pink  


Ivory Cream or White            Yellow                          Purple                              Lavender


           Lt Blue                     Turquoise/Peacock         Minty/Aqua                    White        

    Black               Apple/Lime 


 View from underneath. Ruffles  

More Colors Now  -  Burgundy, or Ivory Cream w Pink Ruffles

99% IN STOCK AND SHIPS IN 2-3 days

Stunning 2 layer soft chiffon pettiskirt / petticoats in 40" Length . Perfect for a formal affair such as a wedding, ball, prom, home coming.  Luscious colors now available are:

Waists go from size 4 to about size 16. Waist has a   1" Wide Elastic channel waistband with an adjustable feature.  2 Layers soft nylon chiffon with 100 yards of soft ruffles at bottom.  COLORS:  Raspberry,  Ice Blue, Deep Red, Purple, Black

Waist can be adjusted  from 24" to about 44" .  We adjust within ranges:

Example 24-28".  Or 30" -34". YOU let us know after you order, what range you want.   Both layers have 3" wide chiffon ruffling at bottom.    99% IN STOCK AND SHIPS IN 2-3 days


Add a layer to make 3 layers:


Quantity: Price: $165.00 Full/Floor Length Chiffon Slip

View from underneath... oodles of soft chiffon ruffles




  Crinolines  Organza and Netting -  Shorter Length 19" to 22"  -  Small/Med/Large  for Teen-Adults

These crinolines come in shorter lengths, starting at 19" and going to 22" . The outerskirt has multiple tiers of nylon net with matching satin binding on each tier. The underskirt is made of nylon organza to prevent scratchiness. Small, Medium, Large. Teen to adult  Small=20"Long,  Medium=21" Long,   Large-22" Long

Size: Size/Length


Quantity: Price: $38.00



Crinoline Floor Length  - 2 Layer Crinoline  Red, Black or White

Adjustable waist goes from very tiny up to 40" . 2 Layers, inner layer is a firm organza so it is not scratchy. Outer layer is crinoline net. 3 Colors Red, White, Black

Satin Edges at bottom

Gorgeous 2 layer crinolines floor length 40" Long


Your Waist Size Needed?:

Quantity: $105.00 Crinoline Floor Length


Crinoline s for Child to  Teen -  Age 3 and up

 COLORS: Black, White, Light Pink , Red  -  Age 3 and up

(Pink and Black and White are identical colors to the above Adult Crinolines)

New! Child-Teen Sized Crinolines 2 Layers - Top is net, and bottom is organdy (not scratchy)

High quality, durable, and really luxurious Child Size Crinoline Petticoats. We specialize in these gorgeous Made in the USA crinolines. We have colors ....oh do we have colors... never before dreamed or dared colors! So pretty, feminine, and well made. Inner layer skirt is a smooth nylon to prevent scratchiness. Outer layers are made of nylon net with multiple tiers, and a lovely satin binding trim at each layer / tier. 

Small 15" Long -Waist 20-24
Medium 17" Long - Waist 22-26
Large 19" Long - Waist 22-30



Quantity: $23.00Crinoline Child - Teen


 Q?   What is a crinoline?   

A.   A crinoline was a petticoat made of horsehair and flax fabric taking its name  from the French word crin meaning "horsehair".   Lin meaning Flax.  Crinolines appeared in the late 1840s.      The horsehair kept the petticoat stiff and firm.

Our high quality, durable, and really luxurious Crinoline Petticoats do not contain horsehair, as in the previous century.  !  We use Organdy, and organza netting.

We specialize in these gorgeous Made in the USA crinolines. We have colors , oh do we have colors never before dreamed or dared colors!  So pretty, feminine, and well made.

Inner layer of  skirt is a smooth nylon organza to prevent scratchiness. Outer layers are made of nylon net with multiple tiers, and a lovely satin binding trim at each layer / tier.   PURCHASE CRINOLINES ABOVE.


Mardi  Gras Petticoat

     Catch the Excitement!



This is a limited edition, and we are only making 100 of these! 

NEW ! Mardi Gras Organza Petticoat...Our newest creation is a triple layer, triple color, 60 yard Organdy / Organza Petticoat . Top Layer is Amethyst Purple, 2nd Layer is Jade Green, and the bottom layer is bright yellow.. Lengths available is 20" or 23" Waist goes from 24" to 38". It is adjustable with a button waist feature. The waist can be made slightly bigger if needed. About 42"

If you are 5'5" and under, get the 20" Long, it will hit below the knee a bit. If you are taller than 5'7" the 23" will hit below the knee


Waist Size Needed:

Quantity: Price: $80.00

Mardi Gras, or "Fat Tuesday", is the last day of feasting before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday. Mardi Gras falls on Tuesday, February 16, 2010.





Petticoat Lemon Yellow and White

Gorgeous Petticoat with Ribbon Trim in our delicious Lemon Merinque Pie ! So perfect for summer days! The double skirted body is made with bright lemon yellow organdy, a crispy chiffon, and holds shape very well. The fluff is 3" and made from bright white soft chiffon. Perfect for parties, events, pageants, square dance, clogging and more.

Small Age 2-6 Length 12"         Medium Age 5-16 Length 15"       Adult Waist 24-34 Length 23"

Size:   Tell us the waist size you need for Small or Medium Girls. We will adjust the waist for you so it fits perfect.

Quantity: $49.00 Small-Medium, and $15 more Adult



Shopaholic Petticoat 3 Layer

From the Motion Picture, Confessions of a Shopaholic Shopaholic Petticoat in 6 colors.  From the Movie Confessions of a Shopaholic this petticoat is just like the movie

Stunning 3 layer, 3 color petticoat made from organza.  Child/Teen Waist 22-26 Length 15", Adult  is Adjustable waist fits 26" to 40" waists.  Length is 19"(just above knee)  or 23" (below the knee) long.  Waist is a polyester satin yoke.

Straight from the Movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic starring Isla Fisher is the 3 Color Organza Petticoat she wore as a bridesmaid! Size: Waist Adjusts 26" to 40" Length is 19" or 23". Made from gorgeous organza (chiffon with an added stiffener for a crisp effect) Wear it under any dress or skirt for a major WOW effect. Oh, and yes, you can wear it by itself! 

60 Yards, 3 Layers. Very Full

Length:   (Adult Waists need to be adjusted here by us, please tell us the waist range you need at checkout in the comments box)

Quantity: Shopaholic $80.00 Adult    -  $60.00 Child/Teen

$60 Child/Teen



Organdy Organza Petticoats

    Gorgeous and Full with Adjustable Waists


                     Black                                                                                                   Raspberry


                            White                                                                                                 Pink

Also Available in:   Yellow,  Royal,  Navy, Red

 Gorgeous full Petticoats made with  60 yards of  double-skirted petticoat of nylon organza, or known as organdy.  Nylon net is sandwiched between two layers of nylon organza to give it even fullness. Very Full Organdy Petticoat with leader line for retained fullness    A very full look that lasts and lasts.  Black, Light Pink, White or Raspberry.

SIZE: Small W23"-38" L 21"   /   Medium W25-45" L 22"   /   X Large W30-54"  L 23"

All have Adjustable waists.  We have this feature so you can make your skirt fit perfectly.   

6o Yards Organdy Petticoat with leaderline inserted in hem for extreme fullness



Quantity: $64.00 Organdy Petticoat 60 Yds 



Adult Petticoat Slip Nylon Tricot Lace   Natural Ivory,   Black,  White, or  Red.

Beautiful chiffon nylon tricot petti slip. So feminine, so pretty.

A double layered  3 tiered petticoat slip trimmed at bottom with gorgeous lace, 3" of lace,  adjustable waist (will fit many waists) & 3 lengths available.

Small = Waist 23-43 / Length 28"

Medium =Waist / 25-46 Length 30"

Large = 27-50 / Length 32", and XL = 32"

Colors Available:  Natural Ivory,  Black,  White, or  Red.   Looks perfect under a dress or skirt.      



Quantity: $42.00Adult Petticoat Slip Nylon Tricot Lace


Hoop skirt - bone 

Full bodied 4 bone hoop skirt petticoat made of durable cotton. Has a drawstring waist for easy fitting. Fits up to a 42" waist. 138" Circumference. 40" Long. White Only

Quantity: Price: $52.00Hoop Skirt  Ships 2-5 days


Full Slip 205 Inches  and 40" Long

Full Slip 205 Inches 40 Length

This is our fullest skirt at 205 inches ! This is 40" Long, and fits a waist up to 42".

Drawstring for easy fitting. White Only

Quantity: Price: $70.00  Ships 2 days


Our fullest slip with an elastic waist and zipper closing.
195"-205" circumference, 40" length. White.  SIZES  4 ,6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18,20, 22, 24

These ship in 7-10 days. Many times sooner!


Our fullest slip with an elastic waist and zipper closing. 195"-205" circumference, 40" length. White only. Sizes 4 - 24

Price: $70.00


Quantity: Full Slip w Zipper and Elastic Waist



Children /Teen floor length - Tea Length Petticoats 


  24" Long Tea Length                    32" Long Floor Length  

Child Wedding / Formal  Length Slips

Our Floor Length Slips for children and teens are classic2 layer taffeta and net slips with body and fullness. 2 Lengths: 24" Long and a 32" Long . Sizes: Drawstring waists, one sit fits waists 18 to 32.  NOT SCRATCHY


Quantity: Price: $28.00



                 Most Popular Pettiskirts States:   Texas, New York, NY , Southern California,  SoCal, New Jersey