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   Petticoats for Square Dancers, Clogging, Ballet, Jazz 



Teen and Adult Petticoats - Chiffon Softies For Fashion, Square Dance, Clogging

 So many colors & all the sizes!


               Red                                           Pink                                    Raspberry            


             Dusty Rose                               White                                   Dark Berry                    Wine (darker than shown)     


        Ivory/ Cream                               Purple                                      Lavender                      Turquoise 


                Peach                                     Orange                                       Yellow                         Hot Pink (neon bright)


                 Black                                    Royal Blue                               Light Blue                         Navy Blue



          Turquise                                          Peacock Blue                      Hunter Green



           Light Green-Mint                        Hunter Green      


  Teen and Adult Pettiskirts /Petticoat Skirt -Small, Medium, and Plus Size

Whether you call them pettis, petticoats, pettiskirt, softies,  or fluffy chiffon skirts .. these petticoat skirts cause instant smiles, giggles, amazement, jealousy...and more!

These skirts have an adjustable button in the waist, so they fit many sized teens   and ladies. This entire skirt is Chiffon,   the waist/yoke too.  45 Yards of chiffon!  Our petticoats are semi sheer.  Most people wear tights, capris,     or  a slip,  underneath when using it as a skirt.    Some   wear them under their dress or skirt, or bridal wear. 

 When worn underneath, the petticoat gives shape, offers fullness. These are very popular for dancers in recitals, square dancers, etc.   Square dancers call these Softy Petticoats. Others call them crinoline slips (but these are not stiff like the  old ones)

Petite - Waist 22" to 34" Length 19" Long                    Small -  Waist 26" to 40" Length 21" Long

Medium - Waist 32" - 46" Length 22" Long               XL - Waist 38-50 Length 23" Long       

This entire skirt is Chiffon, the waist/yoke too. Teen/Adult Petite is: Waist 22" to 28"  Length 19" Long Adult Small is: Waist 26" to 38" Length 21" Long Adult Medium Waist 30 - 44" Length 22" Long Adult XL Waist 38-50 Length 23" Long As soon as your package arrives with your spectacular 45 yard Pettiskirt you'll see what all the fuss is about! Perfect for any party, event, or portrait! Meant to be worn anywhere: dressy for a special party, at the office with a jacket or vest, super fresh with a jean jacket and just so hot with a simple tank or tee. Words cannot describe how breathtaking these skirts are! Billowy, floating, fluffy chiffon in unbelievable colors. A full and fluffy Pettiskirt is a must have for your closet. Actually, you will find out that you need more than one....but it is a natural progression...that you discover.



NEW 27" Length:

Quantity: Price: $65.95 Teen and Adult PETTICOAT Skirts



Mardi  Gras Petticoat

     Catch the Excitement!  




Mardi Gras Petticoat

NEW ! Mardi Gras Organza Petticoat...Our newest creation is a triple layer, triple color, 60 yard Organdy / Organza Petticoat . Top Layer is Amethyst Purple, 2nd Layer is Jade Green, and the bottom layer is bright yellow.. Length is 20". Waist goes from 24" to 38". It is adjustable with a button waist feature. The waist can be made slightly bigger if needed. About 42" .  We also have a child-teen size here!  16" long and Waist 22-28

Size: Choose your waist and length here

Specific Waist Size Needed:

Quantity: Price: $80.00   Adult - Child-Teen is 16" long




Organdy Petticoats - 60 yard organza petticoat crinoline


                             Black                                                                  White


                                              Raspberry                                                                                                       Orange


                                                                 Light Pink                                                                                                              Purple

Gorgeous full Petticoats made with  60 yards of  double-skirted petticoat of nylon organza, or known as organdy.  Nylon net is sandwiched between two layers of nylon organza to give it even fullness. Very Full Organdy Petticoat with leader line for retained fullness    A very full look that lasts and lasts.  Black, Light Pink, White,  Raspberry Yellow,  Royal,  Navy, Red , Orange

SIZES:   Small W 23"-38" L 21"   /    Medium W   25-45" L 22"   /   X Large W   30-54"  L 23"

Girls-Teen available in 16" Long Waist is 22-30 RASPBERRY ONLY

All have Adjustable waists.  We have this feature so you can make your skirt fit perfectly.   

6o Yards Organdy Petticoat with leaderline inserted in hem for extreme fullness



Quantity: $65.95 Organdy Petticoat 60 Yds 


Shopaholic Petticoat 3 Layer

Ellesaus image please do not use! Shopaholic Petticoat in 6 colors.  From the Movie Confessions of a Shopaholic this petticoat is just like the movie

Stunning 3 layer, 3 color petticoat made from organza.  Adjustable waist fits 28" to 36" waists.  Lengths are:     21" or  23"  long.  NEED A BIGGER WAIST SIZE? Just buy this skirt, and email us with the waist you need. We will do it for free!

Straight from the Movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic starring Isla Fisher is the 3 Color Organza Petticoat she wore as a bridesmaid! Size: Waist 28" to 34" Length availble  in 24" (just above or at knee) and also 28" (below knee) available Made from gorgeous organza (chiffon with an added stiffener for a crisp effect) Wear it under any dress or skirt for a major WOW effect. Oh, and yes, you can wear it by itself! THESE ARE IN STOCK, just like all of our petticoats.    60 Yards, 3 Layers. Very Full


Quantity: Starts at $80.00  Shopaholic Petticoat 60 yds   


   Crinolines  Organza and Netting -  Shorter Length 19" to 23"  -  Small/Med/Large  for Teen-Adults


                        Black                                                   Lavender                                           White                                  Turquoise/Peacock

  Raspberry                   Lt Pink                      Red                          Lt Blue                   Purple                    Yellow                    Apple                  Minty Aqua

These crinolines come in shorter lengths, starting at 19\" and going to 22\" . The outerskirt has multiple tiers of nylon net with matching satin binding on each tier. The underskirt is made of nylon organza to prevent scratchiness. Small, Medium, Large. Teen to adult



Quantity: Price: $38.00

Crinoline -  25" Long Below Knee -  for 50's vintage Dresses



                  Red                                           Pink (light)                                Apple Lime Green          Raspberry (hot Pink)


          Ivory                                 Ivory w Red trim                 Black                              White                         


   Turquoise-Peacock Blue                    Royal Blue                                    Lt Blue                                                Grey Silvery


       Black w White           Black w Red                                        White w Navy and Red Ribbon Edges

Crinoline Below Knee 25" Long

Crinolines that hit below the knee are so popular to wear with 50s and 60's style Dresses. Great for Pin Up Dresses, vintage Dresses, poodle Skirts. These 2 layer Medium Fullness Crinolines are 25" Long and go just below the knee. 50's and 60' Style dresses require this exact length Crinoline Petticoat. Sizes Teen - adult. Waists Small , Medium, Large



Quantity: Price: $45.95



 Crinoline Petticoats Tea Length  Adult   -  Betti Page would be proud of you !

Gorgeous Colored Crinolines  


      Yellow Crinoline                  Orange Crinoline                      Mint Seafoam Green


    Royal Blue Crinoline                    Navy Blue Crinoline               Raspberry Crinoline                    Red Crinoline


       Pink Crinoline                               Purple Crinoline             Apple / Lime Green Crinoline


    Black Crinoline                                  White Crinolines                Ivory Cream w Red Ribbon Edges      Ivory Cream Crinoline


    Hot  Pink NEON  Crinoline         Turquoise / Peacock              Light Crystal Blue Crinoline             Grey Silvery Crinoline



Black With White Ribbon Edge     Black w Red Ribbon Edge            White With Red and Navy Edges (So patriotic)                                   

 NON ITCHY, Inner layer next to skin is smooth organza    What length to order?  Depends on the dress and your height. Put the dress or skirt on. Measure down from naval to bottom of where dress / or skirt hem is. Your petticoat needs to be about that length or 1" longer for more peek out of the petticoat.

Crinoline Petticoat

High quality, durable, and really luxurious Crinoline Petticoats. We specialize in these gorgeous Made in the USA crinolines. We have colors ....oh do we have colors... never before dreamed or dared colors! So pretty, feminine, and well made. Inner layer skirt is a smooth nylon to prevent scratchiness. Outer layers are made of nylon net with multiple tiers, and a lovely satin binding trim at each layer / tier.

Sizing: Small = 27" Long Waist 24 -32 Medium Length 28 Waist 28 - 38 Large Length 29" Waist 30 - 42



Quantity: Crinolines  $47.95        



Children's-Teen Clogging / Square dance/ Cupcake Skirt Pageants

    Raspberry Parfait TRIPLE 3 Layer FULL

Petticoat Raspberry Parfait

Gorgeous Petticoat with Ribbon Trim in our delicious Raspberry Parfait ! So perfect for summer days! The double skirted body is made with raspberry organdy, a crispy chiffon, and holds shape very well. The fluff is 3" and made from light pink soft chiffon. Perfect for parties, events, pageants, square dance, clogging and more.

Price: $49.00





 Petticoat Lemon Yellow and White

Gorgeous Petticoat with Ribbon Trim in our delicious Lemon Merinque Pie ! So perfect for summer days! The double skirted body is made with bright lemon yellow organdy, a crispy chiffon, and holds shape very well. The fluff is 3\" and made from bright white soft chiffon. Perfect for parties, events, pageants, square dance, clogging and more.

Price: $55.00


Quantity: On Sale $49



Child to teen size Petticoats - All chiffon, 2 layer 4 tier skirts . Toddler to Teens


Our petticoats  are perfect to give her dress fullness and body.

Sized for Toddler  to Teens / small adult, these 25 yard chiffon petticoat slips are perfect for so many occasions:

Weddings / flower girls, Dresses that need some flair and bounce, Dancers in ballet recitals,  Square Dancing, Clogging Dancers,  Costumes... just so many wonderful uses.

 Chiffon PETTICOATS  - Age 18M   to teen / adult    White, Pink, Red, Black

 GREAT for square dance, clogging, or dance / ballet recitals!! 


These soft chiffon fluffy petticoats have a a lingerie type elastic waist band.   2 Layer, 4 tiered  Chiffon Nylon Skirt with yards if gorgeous 2" ruffling on  the bottom tiers.

GREAT for slips, flower girl dress slips, ballet recitals, and square dancing!!

Sizing:   Tiny, Petite, Small, Medium, Large        Colors: Pink , Black , Red or White

Tiny  Petticoat = Age 0 to 18M  Waist 12" -16"      9.5" Long

Petite Petticoat = Age 18 M- 3+  Waist 16" to 18"   Length  13" 

Small Petticoat = Age 4 - 7  Waist  18" to 22"           Length  15" 

Medium Petticoat = Waist 20" -26"                             Length  17" 

Large Petticoat =  Waist 24" - 30 "                               Length  19"  



Quantity: $35 Petticoat Chiffon   SHIPS in 48 hours M-F


Ruffle Lace Petti Panties

     Ruffle Detail

Ruffle Pants, Tennis Pants, Rhumba Panties.... Whatever you choose to call them These are gorgeous!

Child Size fits for a diaper cover on some toddlers  OR age /size 4-8 .

Teen/Adult Sizes -  Small =  6-8,  Medium = 10-12,   XL = 16-18 

Form-fitting pants of nylon tricot. Matching lace is ruffled on front, back and crotch area on these high waist, brief panties. BLACK,  WHITE or LIGHT PINK.



Quantity: Ruffle Lace Panties  $16.00  SHIPS  M-F


Petti Pants - Ruffle Petti Shorts

Nylon Tricot with lace petti pants shorts are so feminine and cute. Shirred rows of matching 1" wide sections of lace, row after row ! Sized for girls age approximately 8 up to XL Adults.   Wear for square dance, clogging or under a pettiskirt / petticoat.

Colors are: White, Black, Pink, Red, Raspberry. Length is approximately 11" (top of waist to bottom of leg)

Size Petite fits waist from 22" up to 28"   /  Medium fits waist from 26 to 32"  - 

Large fits waist from 28 to 36       /       XL fits waist from 34-50

Color: White, Black, Pink, Red, Raspberry


Quantity: Lace Ruffle Petti Shorts $16.00  SHIPS  M-F




Hair Clip Flowers, Beanies, Headbands

Our skirts are meticulously made with Real Chiffon! A soft,

flowing, billowing, floating, feminine fabric that is just delightful!

Special Features of our pettiskirts:

* All sizes!  Baby to Adult skirts

* 2 Layers of chiffon, 3 tiered, non see through

* Waist area yolk is  either satin or chiffon (you can see in the photos)

* 45 yards of Chiffon Ruffling.. Wow!

* Adjustable Elastic Waistband! A button in the waist allows for adjustments. 

     (This   adjustable waist means the skirt can be worn for years!)

* Silky Satin Ribbon adorns the skirts

* Packaged in an organza sheer ribbon bag for storage/traveling

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