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   - Policies and Shipping

Why Should you buy pettiskirts from us?

Our pettiskirts and petticoats are worn by Disney Characters and Disney Shows in Orlando as well as California.  We have been in national magazines like Teen Vogue, on Televison with Ellen DeGeners' Sophia Grace and Rosie, Nicki Minaj, Katie Perry,  Mylie Cyrus, Taylor Swift,  Avril Levigne and many more. On stages all around the globe, and worn by real life Princesses, Duchesses, and Rock Stars.

We ultimately want our customers to be happy with our gorgeous pettiskirts, tops, tank tops, birthday cupcake shirts, pettishorts, and petti pants!  We will try to achieve this goal with each and every customer.!  We are not always able to.  Each customer is very important, and without them we would not have a business.

If an item is received damaged, or is incorrect, please let us know right away (the day you receive package). You can email us or call 888-977-5554.   We will take care of it right away.       

We do not offer refunds for our items. If you need to exchange  an item other than a pettiskirt, petticoat, pettipant, cupcake shirt, rosette top, underwear, hair clips, headbands,  that you just received , we will give it consideration.    Please email right away, and we will review the situation.      Petticoats and Pettiskirts, Pettipants, Pettishorts, and Hair Clips/Head Bands, Tops, Birthday Shirts, we do not accept returns / exchanges for any reason. A rosette shirt or tank is made custom for you, so please be careful when selecting colors or sizes , as they are yours to keep.

Once an item is worn or used or washed, we cannot accept it back for exchanges. If there is an obvious flaw or defect, please let us know right away when you receive the package email us . Items are inspected HERE upon shipping, as we want to be sure your item is perfect when you receive it. We will correct errors or flaws, we guarantee it. If you have to return something because of our mistake, we will credit your credit card with the First Class Mail or Ground UPS fees that you had to pay to return it back to us. Please do not send anything back without contacting us first.  You need an RMA Number and a correct address. IF YOU SEND ANYTHING BACK without our permission, and an RMA number, you will have no guarantee of anything. It is risky to do this. We do not take any item IN at our shipping department.  The credit card companies know our policy and help us enforce it.

Care of these products: Do not MACHINE wash any of the pettiskirts, cupcake or ice cream cone tops, or rosette tops.  Do not MACHINE dry them either.  These delicate items need hand washing and air drying (hang or lay flat)

We do not take exchanges/ returns on Cupcake Shirts, Embroidered CupCake  or Ice Cream Tops/or Rosettes Shirts . Please let us help you choose the size, so that the item will fit properly. We have size charts on the Shirts/Tops pages. You may need to measure your child to be certain the top will fit. We provide the exact measurements for you.  Any item such as a pettiskirt or petticoat or panty, shorts, leg warmers, etc, are not returnable. If we make an error in your order, we will take care of it and fix the problem.

We retain the right to change our website content, sizes of items, and sipping dates at any time. We retain the right to raise or lower prices when we see fit.

When you place an order for an item, and we ship it to you, it becomes YOURS. The ownership passes to you. It is no longer our merchandise, it becomes yours.

Please .. EVERYONE wants their order fast, and with over 100 orders a day, there is no way to please everyone.    We have had a few instances and encounters with customers that have been downright scary, and one was life threatening.  If you are in a huge mad rush, and are over demanding, we are NOT for you.  Thank you.

Our wording "right away" means within the 8 hour period that you received the product. We will inspect it before it leaves here, so it would be  rare, that something would arrive to you with a flaw.

SHIPPING:  YES, we ship International.   Just choose International on the shipping checkout page. Our fine customers are from the all over the world, including our biggest sales states like Texas, New Jersey, New York, Florida, and California.  We ship to the UK, Australia, Middle East, Dubai, Russia ...... can you imagine the lovely little ladies (and adults) wearing our chiffon pettiskirts all over the world?

We generally ship within 72 hours M-F  EST, no guarantee.  If you place an order on Friday, it will ship the next Monday-Tuesday  in most cases. During April, Halloween and November-December, we will be slower to due the large amount of orders.  During Christmas, It may take 5-7 days before we ship the order you place.   EMAIL US ( ) and tell us your situation if you are in a rush and have a deadline.

We use UPS,  USPS Mail First Class Mail 2-5 days ($7-12) , Priority Mail 2 Days  ($11 - $14), and UPS ($11 Ground,  $28 2nd Day, and $39 to $65 for Next Day)  as our delivery options. If you have a challenge with with either of these carriers, please let us know that on your order form.      All items on our site , Pettiskirts, Petticoats, and Tops...MUST be hand washed and lay flat or hang to dry.

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Pettiskirts are the modern new version of the old fashioned petticoat skirt / pantaloons. Made of fabulously soft chiffon nylon, these gorgeous skirts can be worn for so many occasions. They are versatile, feminine, classic silhouettes of women, everywhere, from every walk of life, every shape body, every height, every hair color. The petticoat is a classic symbol of the mystique, and beauty inside every woman.


We promise you the highest quality pettiskirt, petticoat, crinoline in the WORLD . Made in America, by Americans