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 Baby Pettiskirts  and  Toddler  Pettiskirts    (petticoats)



    Infant Pettiskirt                                           Toddler Pettiskirt  

                     Just  Imagine your little Princess in one of these..... OH....And the photographs ! 


First we have here .... Infant Pettiskirts  - Age 0- 6 Months

Cream                     Light Pink

        Raspberry/Lt Pink         Raspberry

Classic Black                     Lavender 


   Raspberry                                                  Raspberry W Pink                

   Red                                      Red w/ White Ribbon Trim                                                                                                                                   


These darling tiny infant pettiskirts  will become a keepsake for sure! The front has a large satin bow that in this photo the baby is laying on...

This pettiskirt is very small - only 6 inches across 12 inches total around waist. Stretches to 15" maximum.  Length is approx 6 1/2 inches.       It fits best on a baby that is 0 - 6 Months  old.  The waist does have an elastic band and so it can be adjusted either direction by moving the button. This is the perfect gift to send to a mom-to-be...  And for that First Photo.....    Fits American Girl Dolls and other 18" + dolls 


Quantity: Infant Pettiskirt Price: $19.00  ON SALE Regularly $39



     Matching Feather Headbands here   

Check out our New Lacettes for Little  Legs


 QUESTIONS ?  Email us  info@pettiskirtstyle.com       

Toddler Pettiskirts -  Age 12 Month to about 3 Years ( 3 and over go here to girls)

  A little less yardage than our girls small.  Easy to move around in and TWIRL !

      Models are 18M to 2 years old


     Raspberry / Lt Pink                       Light Pink w/ White                     Light PINK !


        Red with White     Same color                 Red                              Kelly Green                                           


                     Ivory Cream                                   Ivory Cream / Lt Pink               Vintage Rose and Cream          


         Raspberry//Mango                                                                       Mango w Raspberry                              Purple/Lavender


         Yellow w White (Snow White) mixed                         Lavender                                                             Purple w Lavender


                                           White                                                        Black w White Ruffles  




   Raspberry/Black                         Black w Raspberry                                Zebra- Satin/Chiffon Raspberry Waist  

                                                                                      SKIRTS ARE ALL THE SAME FULLNESS



  Dress your toddler girl in yards of fluffy soft chiffon. This special sized skirts is for 12 months to about 3.

It has 25 yards of chiffon, and a satin stretch elastic Waist, complete with a big satin Bow.

This 25 yard petticoat is not as heavy as our next size up, making it east for little gals to get around.

Our next size up skirt can be very hard for them to walk / toddle in. Gorgeous chiffon pettiskirt with

 elastic waist and ribbon at the waist. 100% Chiffon. Billowy, bouncy, soft, and fun.  

Waist: 16-19".   Length 9"      Great for pictures,  Disney Vacation Trips, the ruffles show beautifully. 

ALL SKIRTS ARE SAME FULLNESS - Pictures may not always show that

Check out our matching pettiskirt rosette shirts - tops in many designs and colors.  

This special sized skirts is for 12 months to about 3. It has 25 yards of chiffon, and a satin stretch elastic Waist, complete with a big satin Bow. This 25 yard petticoat is not as heavy as our next size up, making it east for little gals to get around.  Gorgeous chiffon pettiskirt with elastic waist and ribbon at the waist. 100% Chiffon. Billowy, bouncy, soft, and fun. Waist: 16-20". Length 9.5" Great for pictures, the ruffles show beautifully. Check out our matching tops in many designs and colors.


Quantity: $44.95  Pettiskirt - Toddler

Girls and teen sizes here  Pettiskirt Girls-Teen



Matching Feather Headbands here   


NEW... Lace Petti Romper  BIG SALE  Only $6



Lace Ruffle Petti Shorts Child to Teenimages/28110-large.jpg

    Also in White or Black!

Nylon Tricot with lace petti shorts are so feminine and cute. Shirred rows of matching 1" wide sections of lace, row after row ! Entire Panty Short is covered with lace! Ivory Cream, Black, Pink, or Raspberry.  Leg measurements are top of waist to bottom of leg      

Petite/Baby Fits 13" to 18" Leg 7" Long     Small Fits 16"- 20" Leg 8" Long    Medium Fits 18" - 24" Leg 8" Long   Large fits Pre Teens /Teen  22" - 28"  Leg 8.5" Long    XL Fits Teens-Adult 25" - 30" Leg 8.5" Long 

Color: Ivory Cream


Quantity: Lace Ruffle Shorts Price: $20.00


Chiffon Ruffle Bum Shorts - Adorable chiffon ruffle petti pants, also know as ruffle bums. Size Petite for baby as a diaper cover or toddlers age 1-3. These match the Ruffle Tank Tops perfectly in color

Waist is 12" to 18" -  Length is: waist to bottom  7.5"

These are the same colors of chiffon we use for our skirts. They may look different, but the are identical

SMALL   Waist is 12" to 18" - Length is: waist to bottom 7.5"

MEDIUM   Waist is 18-22 - Length is: waist to bottom 8.50



Quantity: Price: $22.95 Chiffon Ruffle Shorts



Ruffle Lace Panties - Ruffle Butts -Child to wear under her pettiskirt   


                 Pink                         Raspberry                          Purple                                Lavender                     Ivory                White (not shown)

Ruffle Lace Panties for toddlers to Age 4 - These gorgeous Nylon Tricot Lace Panties are the Bomb! Used as either a Diaper Cover for little ones, or as a Panty for Girls age 2-5. Waist: Goes from 16" - 22". Length of panty waist top to crotch is 8" . From waist top to SIDE of leg is 5". Waist band is covered in the nylon tricot just like lingerie .

Color: White, Ivory Cream, Pink, Raspberry, Purple, Lavender


Quantity: Price: $17.00  ON SALE NOW $8.99


Disney Princess Pettiskirt Sets

    Leather Ballet Slippers with Ribbon Ties !


Flower Headband Looks stunning with our Cream w Light Pink Baby Pettiskirt


CupCake Fluff Frosting Shirts - Birthday Shirts


                 Birthday Pettiskirt Outfits

CupCake Shirt Fluff Frosting Shirts



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