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 Pettiskirt ?   Petticoat ?  What is the difference?

A pettiskirt and a petticoat are similar is structure and identical in fabric.

A pettiskirt is worn as a skirt, and is made of chiffon soft denier nylon. A pettiskirt has a waist made of nylon/satin with gathers. It is usually topped off with a satin bow that can be worn in front or to the side. There are 2 or 3 layers of "skirt" and there are 3 tiers to each layer.  We sell pettiskirts for every age and in nearly every size. Our pettiskirt selection goes from newborn to adult waist of 48". A baby photo in one of our posh pettiskirts becomes a keepsake unlike any other. Girls wear our pettiskirts for wedding, proms, flower girls, dance competitions, theater productions. A pettiskirt is the perfect addition to any event .

A petticoat is worn UNDER a skirt or dress to add fullness and femininity. A petticoat has a sheer waist like a slip so as not to add bulk or thickness to the waistline. It is a 2 layer 4 tier petticoat skirt. We sell chiffon soft petticoats for babies to adults. The lengths  available are all the way up to floor length ! We also sell crinoline petticoats, which are nylon organza and netting. They offer the 50's look and style often worn under a poodle skirt or prom dress.  

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