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     Lace Panties and Pettipants

Petti Pants , Petti Shorts, & Ruffle Bum Panties for baby to girls

    Lace Top and Lace Petti Pants 2 Piece Set

Lace Petti Sets are available in Dusty Rose                                  Ivory                                                           Vintage Pink

Sizes Small, Medium in Top  --  and  --   Petite, Small, Medium in Pants

Lace Petti Tank and Pants Set

Gorgeous vintage looking lace stretchy tanks top. Lace is on the front and the back. Straps are covered in lace as well. The pants are super stretchy, satin fabric with lace covering them entirely. Lace goes all the way up to the waist band and to bottom of pant. Colors are : Ivory, Vintage Pink or Dusty Rose

Tank Size:


Pant Size:

Quantity:  2 Piece Set SALE Price: $30    Regular Price $60



      Lace Pettipants (white)


            Pink                                  Ivory                              Red                           Dusty Rose

  Black            Raspberry              White                

Little Bo Peep Pants -Lace All the way up Petti Pants ! These are so much better looking than others on the                    market that don't have the lace all the way up the waist. 

Inside is nylon stretch, silky soft on the skin. 

Gorgeous FULL lace front and back pettipants are super stretchy &  can be worn as full length or capri!

Waist and length fit MANY sizes.  Pet=baby to toddler  Small = toddler to 3 years  Medium age 3-5 , Large age 6-9

Colors Black, Raspberry,  Ivory, White, Lt Pink,Dusty Rose       Sz: Petite , Small, Medium (Medium avail in Ivory)

Pink Sz:  Pet, Sm ,     White Sz:  Pet, Sm    Ivory Sz:  Pet, Sm, Med     Raspberry Sz:  Pet, Sm, Med

Petite:    Waist 14-20 /   Length Waist to bottom 18- 19"   / Inseam 11"

Small:     Waist 16 -22  /  Length  Waist to bottom 20"       / Inseam 12" 

Medium:  Waist 20-25 / Length Waist to bottom 22" / Inseam 14"

Lace covered pettipants


Quantity: SALE Price: $14.00 Petti Pants Long - Child  REGULAR PRICE $29.95


edium:  Waist  18 -2 /  Length Waist to bottom 22         / Inseam14"


Matching Feather Headbands here


Chiffon Pettipants  - Just like the above pettipants, but instead of Lace, they are soft chiffon ruffles

Chiffon Ruffles All the way up Petti Pants ! These are so much better looking than others on the market that don't have the chiffon all the way up the waist like we do

$36.00   Colors: Pink, White, Ivory, Red, Raspberry - PERFECT MATCH TO OUR PETTISKIRTS & RUFFLE TANK TOPS

  Close up of waist and Chiffon Ruffles

White, Pink, Ivory

              Red          Raspberry

  Matching Tank Tops  


Quantity: : SALE PRICE  $14.00 Petti Pants Chiffon  Regular Price $34

Matching Feather Headbands here

  Click here Chiffon Ruffle Tops !


Ruffle Lace Petti Shorts Child/Teenimages/28110-large.jpg


           Raspberry                                Pink                                           Hot Pink

       BLACK / or  WHITE TOO !
         Ivory Cream                              Purple
Nylon Tricot stretchy pant/short is covered front to back with ruffle lace.  So cute. Shirred rows of matching 1" wide sections of lace, row after row ! Entire Panty Short is covered with lace!  

Colors:  White, Raspberry,  Black, Pink, HOT Pink ,Purple  or  Ivory Cream .

Petite Will fit a baby-toddler as a diaper cover OR will fit a 2 yr - 4 yr old.

Small Fits 3-6 years   Medium Fits 6-10 Years   Large fits 11 to teen  XL Fits Teen-Adult  up to a 6

Leg measurements are top of waist to bottom of leg

Petite/Baby Fits Waist 13" to 18" Leg 7"  - Child Small Fits 16"- 20" Leg 8"  -

Child Medium Fits 18"- 24" Leg 8"   Large Fits age 11-Teen -Leg 8.5"     XL Fits Teen to Sz 6 adult- Leg 8.5"




Quantity:  SALE PRICE $12.00   SAVE BIG  Regular Price $22.00


Chiffon Ruffle Bum Shorts

Adorable chiffon ruffle petti pants, also know as ruffle bums.


Sizes:  Petite for baby /diaper cover or toddlers age 1-2.   Small Age 18M - 3   -   Medium age 4-7

PETITE Waist is 10" to 14" - Length is: Waist to bottom 6.5"

SMALL Waist is 12" to 18" -  Length is: waist to bottom  7.5"       

MEDIUM Waist is 18-22 - Length is: waist to bottom 8.50

These are the same colors of chiffon we use for our skirts. They may look different here, but the are identical

These chiffon petti shorts match the Ruffle Tank Tops perfectly in color  



Quantity: Chiffon Ruffle Shorts SALE Price: $12.95  REGULAR PRICE $22.95


Ruffle Lace Panties Child - "Bloomers"


              Raspberry                          Purple                                 Lavender 


                 Pink                                Ivory Cream                              White

Ruffle Lace Panties for toddlers to Age 4 - These gorgeous Nylon Tricot Lace Panties are the Bomb!

Used as either a Diaper Cover for little ones, or as a Panty for Girls age 2-5.

Waist:  16" - 22".    Length of panty waist top top crotch is 8" .  From waist top to SIDE of leg is 5".

Waist band is covered in the nylon tricot just like lingerie .      

Ruffle Lace Panties for toddlers to Age 4 - These gorgeous Nylon Troiot Lace Panties are the Bomb! Used as either a Diaper Cover for little ones, or as a Panty for Girls age 2-5. Waist: Goes from 16" - 22". Length of panty waist top tp crotch is 8" . From waist top to SIDE of leg is 5". Waist band is covered in the nylon tricot just like lingerie .



Quantity: Ruffle Lace Panties Child  $8.00  SAVE $10.95  Regularly $18.95



Petti Romper - Lace - Lacy Stretchy & Adorable


                Lace  Petti Romper  - Stretchy lace one piece


                                                                   Petti Rompers for gorgeous photos


                 Red                                 Raspberry Deep Pink               Lilac                                     Aqua Mint


          Light Pink                                Ivory-Toast                  Vintage Peachy Pink                  White


Petti Romper Lace

New at are these darling Lacey Stretchy Rompers / Cocoons. They are made with vintage looking lace that is carefully sewn onto a satiny stretchy fabric. There are little lace stretchy straps that can also be tucked in if you want a "cocoon" or strapless look. Super stretchy and delicately feminine, these petti rompers are all the RAGE for photos, pictures, and just "romping around". Sizing: Small = baby to 1 yr Medium = 1 -2 yr Large = 2-3 yr



Quantity: SALE Price: $5.95  Regular $24




Low Cut  Lace Short - Teen Adult

Low Cut Lace Bootie Shorts

  White, Pink, Raspberry, or Black

Lace Ruffle Short-Low Rise

Low Rise Lace Short fits like a glove.



Quantity:  SALE  Price: $10.00  Save Big  Regular Price $22


Check out our Corset Style Bustiers


Ooh La La ...  Teen-Adult Ruffle Panties ...

  Lacey, pretty, sissy panties Teens - Adults!

Ruffle Pants, Tennis Pants, Rumba Panties.... Whatever you choose to call them These are gorgeous! : 

Teen/Adult Sizes  - Small = 6=8,  Medium = 10-12,   XL = 14-16  Form-fitting pants of nylon tricot.

Matching lace is ruffled on front, back and leg area on these brief pants. Lace goes all around! 

COLORS:  Black, Raspberry, Pink , Red or White  



Quantity: Price: $17.95 Ruffle Panties


Petti Pant - Ruffle Panty  Teen/Adult

These higher waist nylon Tricot with lace pant/shorts are so feminine and cute. Used in the Square dancing world for years. High waisted, shirred rows of matching 1" wide sections of lace, row after row ! Sized for girls age approximately 12 and up. Colors are: White, Black, Pink, Red, Raspberry. Length is approximately 11" (top of waist to bottom of leg)

  Petite Waist  22" up to 28" (approx age 12 to 18)      Medium  Waist 26 to 32"

  Large Waist 30 to 38                                             XL  Waist 34-50

Available in Black, Red, Raspberry, White, or Pink



Quantity: Price: $17.95


Leg Ruffles Leg Warmers

LegRuffles by HuggalugsLeg Ruffles - Darling, fashionable fun  for toddlers and girls


Huggalugs Leg Ruffles Huggalugs Leg Ruffles     

Sherbet Stripe LegRuffles Sherbert Stripes

 Sherbet Stripe LegRuffles                                      

  Sherbet Stripes                    Black                          Light Pink                    Raspberry Pink           Bubble Gum Pink         Lime

          Lilac Kisses Child 14" Ruffled Legwarmer - Style No RUFFLE2

    Silver Sparkle              Gold Sparkle          Pink Sparkle                 Vanilla                           Red                       Lilac               


Leg Ruffles are the newest trend in leg warmers for girls and teens.


: Price: $16.95 Leg Ruffles


  Leg & Arm Warmers ..  Look adorable with pettiskirts!  $11.95

TomatoCheetahCupcakes by Matthew Langille


              (Shabby Roses)        

         Shabby Roses                                                                     

                         Peace Brilliant           


                   Sock Monkey                                 Peace                                   Cupcake    


    Candy Sparkle


Sunshine Fields       Cherries                Red                Black              


 Black/White Skull     Girly Skull                Irene                Anna      


Adorable leg warmers for babies to age 6 or older! They look so darling with our pettiskirts. Can be worn on the legs, or arms! They work great as toeless socks too. Leg Warmers are the perfect girlie accessory! They are back in style...and are so popular. Several uses are: Protects little knees of crawlers: Makes potty training easier, because legs are kept warm but no pants to pull up and down: Stylish with skirts and shorts: Adorable arm warmers; Great for new walkers because they come down over the heel and part of foot, while allowing toes to peek out for balance and floor gripping: Fits babies to age 6 for legs. For arms, fits adult women too.

Price: $11.95

Legwarmers Style:

Quantity: Leg Warmers

Hair Clip Flowers, Beanies, Headbands

Birthday Shirts, Cupcakes, and Ice Cream Cones!

The pink chiffon in our birthday tops will match the capri pants above!













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