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   Petti Dress

  Little girl style PettiDress


                                                            Purple & Lavender


                                    Pastel Rainbow Pink,  Lavender, Yellow, Aqua        

       Raspberry w Pink

           Ivory Cream

                     Ivory Cream                                                View of back

Our  Pettidress is amazing in the photos, cautioned... When you receive one at your home or is a life changing experience !  This delicious creation is fluffy, sweet, full of color, and unlike any other dress in the world. Our dresses are the fullest on the market.

The Soft stretch tank w straps is the top of the one piece dress, and the 3 tiered 2 layer skirt with satin ribbon binding is the bottom of the dress. It is VERY full, soft, silky, fluffy and bouncy.   Available in 4 colors.  Purple w Lavender, Raspberry w Pink, Ivory Cream, and  Pastel Rainbow!

Sizes:  Petite is 18M to about 3 , Small is 3-5, and Medium is 5-6  Don't worry about the exact size, because the tops are super stretchy. There is no actual "waist band" because it is a slip on dress (No zippers, no buttons)   So fun and easy to wear!  Free Organza Ribbon Storage Bag . Made in America!



Quantity: Petti Dress ON SALE for $59.95   Regular Price  $89.00 (Rainbow is $5 more)



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