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 Pearl Jewelry

 We are proud to sell the brand  " Sterling and Pearls "  Genuine Freshwater Pearl Jewelry.

  Made in  USA and Lead Free ! All the pearls are round, AAA Grade with genuine Sterling Silver Clasps


 The Chloe Pearl Necklace - 5-6 MM Round Creamy White AAA Grade Pearls w sterling oval clasp :

 3 Lengths:    Baby Toddler= 12"     Girls 14"       Teen  16"

  Pearl  Necklace  12", 14", or 16"  6 MM Round Creamy White Pearls w Sterling Clasp

Necklace: Choose Length Here

Quantity: $45.00 for 12" ,  $55.00 for 14" ,   $60 for 16"



The Chloe Pearl Bracelet 

5-6 MM Round Creamy White AAA Grade Pearls with sterling oval clasp:

3 Sizes:   Baby to 2 Yrs = 5"      Child 5.5"         Teen 6"


Quantity:  $28.00 for 5" ,   $31 for 5.5" ,  $33 for 6"



Pearl Earrings

Pearl Earring 5-6 mm Round with Sterling Silver Posts and backs $16.00

           Pearl Earrings 5-6 mm round with 14KT Gold Posts and Backs $40.

Pearl Earring  Choose Sterling Posts or 14KT Gold Posts

Quantity: $14.00 Sterling , and $40 14KT Gold





Jingle Bell Anklets ! 


So much fun!  These Jingle Bell Anklets are sterling silver bells securely soldered to anklets !

The jingling bells are a delight to hear. And they give clues as to what your little one is doing!

These  925 Pure Sterling Silver anklets are so popular with Moms all over the world.

Actress Angelina Jolie started the trend with Baby Maddox.

Also available in 18KT Gold Plated  over Sterling.


Jingle Anklet

Jingle Anklets are precious, hand made from brilliant 925 sterling silver with gently jingling bells! A centuries old tradition stands behind these darling jingling anklets.... For thousands of years Cambodian mothers have adorned the feet of their babies with silver anklets that have small bells attached to them. Traditionally, it is believed that the delicate jingling sounds would protect young children by warding off bad spirits. They also served a safety functional purpose by providing auditory clues to the children's movements, activity, and whereabouts.

Available in 3 Lengths: 6" Infant - 18 Months 8" Toddler-Child  9.5" Adult

Size: Pull down to see all prices & sizes

Quantity: Price: $29.00 for 6" Sterling. Pull down menu shows all the prices


Huggalugs Leg RufflesHuggalugs Leg Ruffles

Funky BlackBlack    Smitten KittenLight Pink     So PinkRaspberry Pink     Vanilla Cream Vanilla        

Leg Ruffles are the newest trend in leg warmers for girls and teens.


Quantity: Leg Ruffles  $16.50

Your girl will LOVE these new leg ruffles!

They are  knitted with a cotton blend yarn, giving a soft, flowing feel to the final finish.
A great way to protect a tiny dancers legs from the cold, show off that beautiful set of bloomers or to match
perfectly with this seasons hottest pettiskirts!
Older girls can proclaim their fashion style in THE trendiest way with our Legruffles on their arms and legs
and once Mom  tries them on, she will want her own pairs too!  Our legruffles have a special cuff knitted into them
which allows babies from size 0 to be able to wear them with the end hem tucked under and older girls and
adults to wear them flowing over their shoes.   Simply a MUST HAVE item in a starting palette of 4 colours


Leg Warmers .. Look adorable with pettiskirts!  $11.95

Girly Skull shown w/ Hot Pink and Black Ruffle Pettiskirt


Sunshine Fields    Lemon Drops     Candy Sparkle          Cherries           Girly Skull          Black


 Pink/Grey Diamond     Eileen           Black Skull         Purple Pink  Stars       Irene               Anna

Candy Soft PinkSoft PinkLoveLove  

Adorable leg warmers for babies to age 6 or older! They look so darling with our pettiskirts. Can be worn on the legs, or arms! They work great as toeless socks too. Leg Warmers are the perfect girlie accessory! They are back in style...and are so popular. Several uses are: Protects little knees of crawlers: Makes potty training easier, because legs are kept warm but no pants to pull up and down: Stylish with skirts and shorts: Adorable arm warmers; Great for new walkers because they come down over the heel and part of foot, while allowing toes to peek out for balance and floor gripping: Fits babies to age 6 for legs. For arms, fits adult women too.

Price: $11.95

Legwarmers Style:

Quantity: 11.95 Leg Warmers

Coming next month New Ruffle Leg Warmers. 14" Long, and stretchy





Hair Clip Flowers, Beanies, Headbands

Birthday Shirts, Cupcakes, and Ice Cream Cones!

The pink chiffon in our birthday tops will match the capri pants above!













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