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Mermaid Wedding Dress Petticoat Slip

This silhouette has come a long way since the 1990s when it first became popular.  Because the Mermaid Dress is a floor length silhouette, nearly any mid high heel / shoe will work. However, because it is tight in the knee and calf area, it would be risky to wear a very high heel.

The mermaid dress from the 1990's was a direct opposite reaction to the poofy, Princess Di style inspired ball gown wedding dresses of the 1980s.  The Mermaid was sleek and slick all the way down to the knees, or mid calf and then poofed out in  a fishtail like train,.  Very dramatic, but wearable only by a handful of women.

Our Mermaid Petticoats / Slips are made in the USA, and are excellent quality. We use a spandex/lycra stretchy fabric for the top portion of your Mermaid slip for slimming and smoothing of your body.  Ours has a  smooth velcro closure for perfection in fitting, not the bulky drawstring that most others sell.   IN STOCK!

 closures.jpgWaists are stretchy and slimming with a velcro closure

LENGTH:  Petite Length available, standard length in stock is 42"

  Colors of Mermaid Petticoat Slip, Black ,White, and also Ivory

  Semi Full 2 Layers - Colors Avail: Black, White, Ivory

Fullest - 3 Layers - Colors Avail: Black, White, Ivory

Mermaid Petticoat Slip   IN STOCK READY TO SHIP   Lengths for tall and Petite

Flounce Layers:




Quantity: Mermaid Petticoat Slip  $55.00 and up









Mermaid Petticoat Black










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