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Tutu Tutus Baby  -Girl


Wings Fairy Princess




































































































































































































































































































Hats, headbands & flower clips!

Fascinator w Headband (available below)

We have some lovely choices for hair!  Take a look !


Peacock Feather and Rolled Rose in Hot Pink


Peacock Feather and Rolled Rose in Hot Pink with Rhinestone Center-Skinny Headband

Gorgeous peacock feather is dyed hot pink and adorned with a 2.5" Wide Satin Rolled Rose & stunning rhinestone flower center                                             

Quantity: Price: $24.00 Hot Pink Peacock Feather w Rolled Rose    /Hair Clip -or- Headband (tell us at checkout)


Skinny Headband with Satin Rolled Rose & Rhinestone Jewelry Center  $12.95

Dark Pink


         Vintage Ivory                                       Light Pink                                                        Apple          (also avail black, white)

Skinny Headband with Satin Rolled Rose Rhinestone Center

Gorgeous Skinny stretch headband with 2" Satin Rolled Rose. 

Color: Dark Pink, Vintage Pink, Ivory, Hot Pink, White, Apple Lime, Black

Clip on OR Headband:

Quantity: Price: $12.95     Hair Clip -or- Headband (tell us at checkout)


Fascinator Black with White Curl Feather, Pearl Cluster

Flat Back Rhinestone CentersClose up of center

Classic black with White traces throughout. This is a stunner ! Edges of feather are curly on this one. Adorned with a lovely 1" round pearl cluster, and attached to a black skinny headband OR A CLIP  . Feather is 5" Length. Pearl Cluster Jewel is 1"

Quantity:  $24.00     Tell us at checkout- clip or headband


Satin Rose Trio - Choose from several color combinations



                       Ivory Cream                                                                   Black with Red
This trio of white satin roses features an exquisite pearl and rhinestone jewelry center, and a fluff white Ostrich feather clip. All secured together, and it can be worn as a hair clip or attach the clip onto out white lace skinny headband. Also
available in: Ivory Cream, Light Pink, Black, Silvery Gray, Dark Hot Pink
Price: $24.00

Color: Fascinator Satin Rose Trio -Hair Clip -or- Headband (tell us at checkout)

Quantity: $24.00 Fascinator Satin Rose Trio  



Chiffon Rosette Hair Clips...........................................


Chiffon Rosettes on Matching Covered Hair Clips  (shown clipped to one of our crochet headbands, band avail on this page)

   White Band / Red                  Black Band/Hot Pink                  Raspberry Band /Light Pink         Brown Band / Light Pink   


 Lt Blue       Raspberry      Purple       Lavender   Aqua Mint    Apple Green   Light Pink       Red        Hot Pink        

More colors available   Ivory Cream, Brown, Black, White, Yellow

2" wide Chiffon Rosettes on a ribbon covered hair clippie!  Match your pettiskirt or top with the same color chiffon. Need a bigger one? Option to supersize to 3.5" is below when you buy. 

Alligator style clip is covered in a ribbon, and the chiffon rosette is securely attached. Choose from all our colors!

Color: Choose from our many colors

Larger Rosette: Regular 2" or upgrade to a 3"

Quantity: Chiffon Rosette on a Ribbon Covered Hair Clippie  $6.95


Chiffon Rosettes   Buy our famous hand made  Rosettes and create your own masterpiece !

2.5" Chiffon Rosettes  (see above colors/ photos)


Quantity: Price: $3.95


 Jumbo Mum Headband - 6" Across silk flower secured on a soft crochet headband

  Safely attached to crochet headband. Gentle on baby's head

Light Pink      Hot Pink      Purple    White or Black not shown

A gorgeous 6" Silk Flower Mum is so stunning on her precious head. Mum is securely mounted on a soft 2 3/4" Wide Crochet Stretchy Crochet Headband. Oh the pictures.....
Colors Available: Purple, Black, White, Light Pink,  Hot Pink, Cream


Quantity: Price: $14.00  Headband Mum Giant


NEW! Giant Peony Flower Headband -

These measure over 6" accross! They are on a 2" wide crochet stretchy headband

              Pink w white                     Ivory Cream             Hot Pink/Raspberry               Turquoise                               Red

6" round Peony Flower on a headband for your little girls head looks so amazing. Oh, and the pictures. Multi layered silk peony flower attached to a stretchy crochet headband.


Quantity: Giant Peony Headband  Price: $16.00


Fascinators - Clip on or headbands - These are gorgeous for girls and women

                     Ranunnculus with Pearl Jewelry Center

Comes in several colors

         Pink with Aqua Turquoise                         Turquoise with Purple


Ranunnculus with Pearl Jewelry Center    This is a stunner, for sure.    A 4"  silk ranunculus flower with a pearl cluster center, and 6" ostrich feathers on a skinny  headband . Colors: Black, Ivory, Red, Pink, Lavender, Pink/Cream, Turquoise, White. Oh the compliments you will receive  :} And the pictures :} $20.00   All of our feather head pieces are available on a clip or a headband. Let us know at checkout

Color: Many Color Combinations !

Quantity: Price: $20.00 Ranunculus and Ostrich Feather    Hair Clip -or- Headband (tell us at checkout)  


Gardenia Flower- Fascinator



5.5" Wide Gardenia flower in off white

We were in amazement of this velvety gardenia flower when we first found them. It looks real, and feels velvety.

Attached to a clip or headband (your choice) it is sure to add elegance to your pictures or special events.

We added a full cream color ostrich plume and some French netting. Gardenia 5.5" Off White

All of our feather head pieces are available on a clip or a headband. Let us know at checkout

Headband:         Tell us at checkout- clip or headband

Quantity: Gardenia Fascinator Price: $24.00   Hair Clip -or- Headband (tell us at checkout)



Satin Rolled Rose Fascinator

Satin Ivory Rolled Rose with Crystal Center, and Ostrich Feather.   Secured to a soft stretchy Ivory Band. Fits baby to adult. Adults may prefer it on a hair clip.

Let us know at the checkout area if you prefer a clip. Hair Clip -or- Headband (tell us at checkout)

Quantity: Fascinator Ivory Rolled Rose  $16.95


Fascinator Purple Feather with Rhinestone

 Purple Curly end feathers with stunning rhinestone cluster jewel

Rich jewel toned Purple on a lavender headband adorned with a cluster Rhinestone jewel.  5" Long by 4.5" Wide. All of our feather head pieces are available on a clip or a headband. Let us know at checkout 

Quantity: Price: $24.00 Fascinator Purple Curl Feather W Rhinestone Cluster Jewelry Piece

Hair Clip -or- Headband (tell us at checkout)



Hot Pink and Black Fascinator

5" long Feather Pad in Zebra/Hot Pink attached to a silk black Ranunculus Flower with Hot Pink Crystal Center.           Fascinator Has an alligator clip secured to back. Total length is 6"

Quantity:   Fascinator Zebra and  Black Rununculus Price: $22.95



6" Long Feather with  4" wide Ranunculus Flower  (Baby is wearing Light Pink with White Feather) Second photo is Dark Pink w/ Lt Pink Feather)   Tell us at checkout- clip or headband

Close up of the rhinestone/pearl center


Baby Pink 4" Wide Ranunculus Flower with stunning pink pearl and pink rhinestone center, is secured to a baby pink feather pad. Clip or headband available.

Choose Here:

Quantity: $22.00 Fascinator Pink Ranunculus Pink Feather Pad



Feather and Pearl Rhinestone Headband


Taylor Swift Wears these too!

  Turquoise Shown above -- Many more colors available    Tell us at checkout- clip or headband

Flat Back Rhinestone CentersCloseup of 1" Round Pearl Cluster jewelry piece 

Fascinator  Feather with Pearl Rhinestone Center
Oh so elegant and vintage looking is this soft feather pad with a pearl & rhinestone jewelry round. Mounted on a skinny headband or a hair clip

Color: Color Options

Quantity: Price: $20.00   Hair Clip -or- Headband (tell us at checkout)



Dramatic Ivory Cream Fascinator w French net


Dramatic Ivory Cream Fascinator with Pearl Jewel Center - attached to a soft ivory cream headband. Ivory feather pad is 5" long, and the french netting extends out 3". Pearl jewel center is 1" Diameter. 

Gorgeous and glamorous Pearl Jeweled Center - Feather Pad, French Net

Quantity: Price: $20.00 Fascinator Ivory Pearl   Hair Clip -or- Headband (tell us at checkout)


Red Rununculus Flower, 3 Black Feathers, Red French Net, Rhinestone Center

  Tell us at checkout- clip or headband

Fascinator Red Rununculus w Black Feathers-and French Net

Red Rununculus Flower, 3 Black Feathers, Red French Net, Rhinestone Center

Quantity: Price: $24.95  Hair Clip -or- Headband (tell us at checkout)



Fascinator Clip with Ranunculus Jeweled Flower, Ostrich Feather and French Netting

Fascinator with Ranunculus Jeweled Flower, Ostrich Feather and French Netting

Color:    Tell us at checkout- clip or headband

Quantity: Price: $24.00  Hair Clip



Ranunculus Flowers Hair Clip  4" with gorgeous jewelry centers !  Ivory, Pink, Black, Red, White, Hot Pink. Lilac

                       Ivory                                                 Sky Blue                                                  Turquoise     

    Flat Back Rhinestone CentersClose up of Centers

                     Lilac                                                            Pink                              ALSO AVAIL:    White, Black, Red,  Dark Hot Pink

Flower Ranunculus

Gorgeous Silk 4" round Ranunculus with MANY layers and a stunning Jewelry center. Choose the flower and choose a band OR a clip.  The jewelry centers are very special, and have a gorgeous elegance. Secured to a hair clippy.


Headband or a clip: Choose from many colors here!

Quantity: Price: $11.00


Gardenia Hair Clips - So extraordinary

      (off white)

               4 - 5 "                                              4-5" with a 6"

Oh are these stunning and feminine. Gorgeous Gardenia Flowers on Hair Clips, ready to add to your pony tail, updo, wedding day...... Full, soft, thick velvety petals make up this Gardenia in a soft off white. 2 Sizes available. 4" and a 6". They look great with 2 staggered on a long hair style. So hard to easy to love. An alligator silver clip with teeth is attached to back of flower. Wear in the hair, as a brooch, you decide.


Quantity: Gardenia Hair Clip Price: $18.00



Pink n Cream  Rose with Crystal Center

Stunning Silk Rose that is over 5" for your darlings precious head. This is a dimensional color with pale toned Pink and Cream Rose and a crystal rhinestone in the center.  Attached to a crochet headband that is 2.5" wide OR you can choose a 1/2" Wide Solid Stretch skinny headband. . Your choice of headband colors: White, Light Pink, Dark Pink, Black, Brown, Cream Rose Colors Pink Peach, Chocolate, Hot Pink It is fastened securely and is comfortable to wear. The flower is not stiff, it is a silk flower that has a slight firmness, but also some movement. Looks natural, and so gorgeous.

Headband Color:    

Rose Color: Pink/Cream , Dark Pink, or Turquoise

Quantity: Rose Headband  $15.00


  Tiara with Hearts & Bling

Pretty Tiara - Crown with delicate hearts and 7 crystal accents. Metal. Includes attached haircombs at the ends to hold it in place. Looks gorgeous in person !  Hard to photograph well
Tiara Crown Hearts Quantity: Price: $8.99



Ostrich Plume on a Clippee !   Extends out to 6-7"

So so cute & stylish! More fun than hair should be allowed to have!Hair Clip | Ostrich Puff, Eggplant  

   Hot Pink                                  Red                            Orange                                            Black                     White      Light Pink

Ostrich Feather Hair Clip! More fun than hair should be allowed to have. Extends out 6 - 7". Mounted on a ribbon covered hair clippee. Colors: Red, Pink, Hot Pink, Orange, Black, Purple, White


Quantity: Price: $9.95 Ostrich Hair Clip


Cotton Beanie Hats w/ Ostrich Plume Clip On

Hats are for infant to about 1 year. Soft Cotton with some stretch. Ostrich plumes are on a ribbon lined hair clippee

Hat Colors: Zebra, Black, Light Pink, Hot Pink

Ostrich Plume Colors: Hot Pink, Light Pink, Black or White 

Beanie Hat Color:

Ostrich Plume Color:

Quantity: Price: $18.95 Baby Hat w Ostrich Plume


Zebra Headband w Marbou and Bling

Zebra and Bling- What a great combination. This soft 1.5" Stretchy black headband holds a gorgeous 2.5" Zebra Bow, Bling Center and Marbou Fluff!

Quantity: Price: $8.95


Marabou Daisies with Rhinestone Headbands ! Oh My !!!!!!!!

   Oohhh La La ... Marabou and Crystal !

These gorgeous soft headbands with Crystal Daisy and Marabou attached is so precious! All pieces are securely attached. Headband has lycra in it and is very soft / stretchy. Perfect for Newborns to about age 4. Daisy is 2" round. Crystal is lead free.


Quantity:  Headband Marabou Daisy $9.00



Flower Hair Clips -4"  Silk Flowers on Clips

                  Many to choose from $4.00 each  ON SALE (scroll down to buy) 

Daisy  Silk Flower with Rhinestone Center & clip attached ( buy below)

      Turquoise                          Chocolate Brown                    Black                              White                       Light Pink      


Light Blue Daisy                  Dark Royal Blue                            Purple                             Lilac                      Hot Pink (raspberry)  



            Zebra                    Zebra/Hot Pink (Raspberry)          Zebra/Cherry Red               Cheetah Grrrr                     NEW! Pastel Rainbow


     Silver/Grey                                    Cream                            Kelly Green                     Red                                 Orange

Daisy  Silk Flower Hair Clip with clip attached 4" ( buy below)             

Gorgeous 4" Silk Flowers with Clips attached, available in Gerbera Daisy with Rhinestone center, fastened to an alligator style silver hair clip . Choose: Red, Pink, White, Hot Pink, Black, Brown, Turquoise, Light Pink, Cream Clip it onto our headbands, our beanies, or right into the hair. So pretty, so stunning. Clip stays put, and is affixed securely to the back of the flower. Crystals are lead free. 

Quantity: Price: $4.00 ON SALE NOW  DAISY HAIR CLIPS


   Grosgrain Wide Hair Bows on Clippies     Actual size is  4.5"                        

             Light Pink                                    Pink White Dots 

              Dark Pink                                                         Red                                                            Orange  


               Lavender                                                             Blue                                                    Brown

Grosgrain 4.5" Wide Hair Bow on a ribbon covered clip


Quantity: Price: $5.95 Bows 4.5"


Flower Clip-on 2" Minis  with Crystal  $1.95 ea


                                                    Red                 Yellow           Orange             Cream                Zebra          

 Choco. Brown    Turquoise        Purple         Hot Pink         Light Pink          Black              White 

Adorable mini size of our Flower Hair Clip for the little ladies. Silk Daisy Flower with Crystal Center all securely attached to a metal Alligator Hair Clip!   2" Accross . Lead Free Crystals and clips

Hair Clip Color:

Quantity: Mini Flower Clip $1.95 ON SALE NOW


Beanie Crochet Hats for 12M to Age 10 - Soft cotton crochet

  So fun to add bows and flowers

Add a bow, or a flower to the beanies  $8 ea beanie


   Orange                Raspberry            Lavender            Red                  Brown


   Black                       Pink                         White                      Cream

Beanie Cap Cotton

These gorgeous high quality cotton beanie caps are stunning by themselves, and even more amazing with one of our Flower Hair Clips! Easily clip one of our flowers right onto the Beanie. No damage. The flower hair clips stay put! Fits age 18M to about teen. Great price... these retail elsewhere for $25 As usual, our prices are low because we have no middleman.


Quantity: Crochet Beanie Hats $8.00 ON SALE NOW Save $2.50 (Reg $10.50)


Headbands - Crochet  2 3/4"  Wide Headbands  $1 ea

           White                 Light Pink             Raspberry             Orange                  


     Purple                     Lavender                  Brown                       Cream

             Add a Rosette $4

    Turquoise                       Lt Blue                         Black  

Pretty crochet / waffle weave type headbands are super stretchy!  Wear them plain, or add our flower clips! Fits age Approx 6M to Girls age 12

They look great with any of our flower clips or rosettes. Buy them with a rosette attached here, OR buy them plain HERE and get a flower clip on this same page to clip to it!  Add attached, sewn on rosette for $4.00.

Headband Crochet 2.3/4 " Wide  : $1.00 each

Add a Rosette: Add $4  These 2" Chiffon rosettes match our pettiskirts

Quantity: Price: $1.00 Plain  -OR- $6 with a rosette


have you seen our New Petti Romper?


Fairy Princess and Angel Wings


       Ballet Slippers with Ribbon Ties !

Model wears Raspberry with Light Pink Ruffle Pettiskirt and Raspberry

Headband with Light Pink Rosette







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