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Petticoats and Crinolines in vibrant or subdued colors are so very popular for Brides, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, Prom, Homecoming and more.  at Petticoatstyle we have EVERY color crinoline and petticoat you can think of, all sizes, tea length, floor length, short.


 Royal Blue Crinoline Petticoat in Tea Length 28″ long

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Thank you PettiSkirt and PettiCoat Customers..We love you

February 3rd, 2013

February 2013 - Jupiter Florida 

We have hit a new, record of sales in  petticoats, crinolines and pettiskirts, and we have so many of you to thank.  Our 2012 was nothing short of PHENOMINAL.  We are so glad to see that you LOVE MADE IN AMERICA pettiskirts and petticoats just like we do!  Our petticoats and crinolines have doubled in sales thanks to thousands of gorgeous Brides and flower girls all over the world.   Our new location in Florida is larger and state of the art.

We took a dare, and made every color, size and shape petticoat you can imagine. The Peek of color beneath a wedding dress is the most popular trend for fashion forward brides.  Our most popular size and length petticoat has been the Tea Length Bride, dress. Tea length petticoats are 27 to 29 inches long (tea length) and are so very popular with brides all over the worls, in particular France and the UK.

Petticoats Halloween 2012

October 10th, 2012

Halloween 2012, will not be complete without a petticoat or a pettiskirt from

Petticoats and Pettiskirts for Halloween.  Organza petticoats and Chiffon Soft Pettiskirts can “make” your Halloween Costume so much “more”



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Lace Petti Pants and Top

February 4th, 2012


We just love the look of our new 2 Piece Lace Petti Set for little girls.  Our Lace Petti Set comes in 3 colors, and 2 sizes.  Colors are Ivory, Vintage Pink, and Dusty Rose.  High quality lace is sewn onto to silky stretchy pants and tank

. Gorgeous high quality lace petti pant and tank style top. The top and pants are covered in lace, all over. Made In America.  Comes in Little Girls sizes. Age 2-3, and age 3-5

PettiSkirtStyle New Pettiskirts

January 19th, 2012

New Creations from PettiSkirtStyle  — our chiffon pettis are the finest in the Universe

Ivory Cream with Light Pink Accents make this stunning 2 piece chiffon dream petti set.  Sizing for age 5 to about age 12.

 Tutti Fruit Tropical colors of orange, banana and raspberry make up this refreshing 2 piece set.

Emerald Green Kelly Green Pettiskirt

January 19th, 2012

Gorgeous Kelly Green chiffon pettiskirt from PettiSkirtStyle. This 40 yard pettiskirt is available for ages 5 to adult. We have 3 sizes, lengths

Pettidress, petti dress

June 13th, 2011

A Pettidress is the union of a pettiskirt with a matching soft stretchy petti top. The end result is a beautiful marriage of WOW.  We make our Pettidresses here in America, just like our Pettiskirts. They are so full, soft, and high quality. The petti dress is very comfortable for little girls, and so easy to put on and wear.  The oohs and ahhhss and HUGE smiles abound when your girl wears a dress like this. The petti dress is perfect for weddings, flower girls dress, parties, holidays, church and more.


Rasta Pettiskirt

June 13th, 2011

Rasta colors of Red, Green, Yellow and Black make up this very popular Rasta Pettiskirt from .  Perfect for so many reasons, how about a Reggae Concert?  One People, One World, One Love ……

RASTA Pettiskirt

Pettiskirts Fit For a Disney Princess

May 15th, 2011

PettiskirtStyle visits Disney once a year, with their princesses.   Disney - the dream place for all princesses.  The newer trend at Disney  for the past years has been to sign up for the - dress like one of the Disney Princess, and recieve a beauty salon experience with a hair up do and all the trimmings.  The snag here is that  Disney provides you with one of their princess dresses, made in the far away land of CHINA !  Yuck …the dresses are expensive ( $89.00) and are made with cheap tulle, and acetate. I can tell you what my little girl said about the Belle dress that we bought her, on a trip in 2009.  Here goes…..  ”get this thing off me, it is hurting me everywhere ”  It seemed that in the 90 degree heat, my little “princess” had enough of that horrible scratchy dress :} . However, she continued to wear the Gloves and the Crown for the rest of the day at Disney  :}

Moms who are wise to this cheap Chinese Disney Dress Dilemma, now  buy soft chiffon pettiskirts from us for the big Disney trip. We spent many hours designing Disney Princess Chiffon Pettiskirt Sets with color matching, details, and comfort in mind.   To date, we have the following Disney Princess Pettiskirt Sets available.

Disney Princess Pettiskirts now come in: Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and of course  Tiana . We get rave reviews, and fabulous photos from Disney Moms !

Snow White

Princesses and the Frog Tiana Twins

Our Disney Princess Pettiskirt Sets are made in AMERICA !  They are a ruffle chiffon DREAM of 40 yards of chiffon pettiskirt w adjustable elastic waist, matching hair flowers or bows, and a Crown . We include a free organza ribbon storage bag for packing!  Please visit us today and take a peek ! PettiSkirt Style

Pettiromper, Petti Romper

May 14th, 2011

Petti Romper - the latest greatest pettirompers are HERE ! is thrilled to announce that we have a large inventory of these gorgeous little girl rompers. They are soft stretchy lace one piece rompers with tiny shoulder straps.  Easy for the baby to get around in, and precious in photographs!

Photographers everywhere are using these darling lace  petti rompers for photos of lil gals, these things are the rage.  They have a vintage flair / feel, and are ultra girly .  Our two favorite photographers, Benitas Photography in Pottsville Arkansas, and Tina Nitz Photography in Jacksonville Florida have captured the essence of these little get ups with 2 darling little girls!

We have 5 colors of these gorgeous pettirompers for you to choose from. The petti romper comes in: Vintage Ivory or White, Vintage Pale Pink, Lilac, and Dark Pink. The Pettiromper comes in sizes small for newborn baby, Medium for 12Month to 18Month, and Large for age 2-3 . Visit us today at