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   Baby Pettiskirts

   Girls Pettiskirts








   Baby Pettiskirts

   Girls Pettiskirts











    Baby Pettiskirts

   Girls Pettiskirts












    Baby Pettiskirts

    Girls Pettiskirts
















    Baby Pettiskirts

   Girls Pettiskirts










   Baby Pettiskirts

   Girls Pettiskirts














    Baby Pettiskirts

    Girls Pettiskirts


















    Baby Pettiskirts

   Girls Pettiskirts

























































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Plus Size Pettiskirts

On this page we offer Pettiskirts made of Chiffon for plus size beautiful women


Pettiskirts  Teen & Adult     These are "skirts" and have a different waist band than the Petticoats. The waistband is a nylon satin, and it matches the chiffon in the skirt. It is an adjustable waist band, with a hidden button inside the band.    Made of Chiffon, and 65 yards of ruffles, these plus size pettiskirts  are the bomb.  Finally, a glamorous & feminine piece of art for our plus sized ladies

Lengths: 23" Long  -  Waists available are from 40" to 60"



                                                                                                       Raspberry w Pink Ruffles  


        Pettiskirt Purple Peacock  


Pettiskirt - Red  


Pettiskirt Peacock/Turquoise Blue



RASTA   Pettiskirt


   Pettiskirt Black

  Plus Size Pettiskirts available in:  Black,  Raspberry w Pink, Pink w Raspberry, Peacock Blue,   or  Purple Peacock

We heard you...and here it is. Our new Plus Size Pettiskirt line. These gorgeous chiffon soft ruffle skirts are 3 tiers and 3 layers of chiffon skirt! The waist is elastic hidden in a satin waist band. We have over 65 Yards of Chiffon in these stunning skirts.  The length is 23" Long.   Waists avail are: 44-50 , 50-55, and 55-60 . This chiffon ruffle skirt is so feminine, so glamorous, and so YOU.   Feel like a princes in this soft silky full fluffy masterpiece.

Size: Choose Waist

Color:   Choose Color

Quantity: Price: $119.00    23" Long Plus Size Pettiskirt



Red with Black Ruffles  3 Layer Pettiskirt -

Also Avail in Plus Sized Pettiskirt Waist 38-50 Length 19"  3 Layers (most of our skirts are 2 layers)

Gorgeous, 60 yards of chiffon 3 layer Red and Black Chiffon Delight! You will be stunning in this one. Adjustable waist goes to 50".   It is 19" Long.    3  amazing layers of fluff, ruffles, and WOW. The A Line shape of the skirt will give you a beautiful look and it slims the hip area.

Waist Size you would like us to adjust to? 38-42,  42-44,  44-48

Quantity: Price: $89.00



Pettiskirt - Black with Cherry Red Ruffle

45 Yards of fabulous chiffon is yours with this amazing Black with Cherry Red Ruffle 2 layer pettiskirt! The ruffles go on forever, and have a life of their own. Joyful , billowy, bouncing, floating chiffon will delight any woman or girl. Comes in toddler sizes up to adults! Gorgeous ribbon at the waist. Adjustable waist band! Allows wearing for many waist sizes. The band has buttons that allow you to loosen or tighten the waist. How cool is that? 100% Denier Chiffon. Check out our shirts that match, and the pettipants or satin pettishorts. Just gorgeous! Wear them under the skirts for more feminine glamour!  Comes with a satin waist ribbon
 19"L, and 23" L

Size:    (need a larger waist? Just email us when you order)

Quantity: Black w Red $90.00



Plus Size Petticoats- Waists go to 50"


Organdy Petticoats - 60 yard organza petticoat crinoline



                            Black                                                                              Raspberry 


                            Light Pink                                                                           Red                                                  White        

Gorgeous 3 layer Petticoats made with  60 yards of  double-skirted petticoat of nylon organza, or known as organdy.  Nylon net is sandwiched between two layers of nylon organza to give it even fullness. Very Full Organdy Petticoat with leader line for retained fullness    A very full look that lasts and lasts.  Black, Light Pink, White, Raspberry,  Yellow,  Royal,  Navy, Red

SIZES:   Small W 23"-38" L 21"   /    Medium W   25-45" L 22"   /   X Large W   30-52"  L 23"

All have Adjustable waists.  We have this feature so you can make your skirt fit perfectly.   



Quantity: Organdy Petticoat 60 Yards $64.00


Petti Panty   From the Motion Picture, Confessions of a Shopaholic


 Ballet Slippers For Adults- Leather, 4 color choices

Specialty  Slip

Hoop Skirt

Full bodied 4 bone hoop skirt petticoat made of durable cotton. Has a drawstring waist for easy fitting. Fits up to a 42" waist. 138" Circumference. 40" Long. White Only

Quantity: Price: $52.00
Full Slip 205 Inches

This is our fullest skirt at 205 inches ! This is 40" Long, and fits waist up to 42". Drawstring for easy fitting. White Only

Quantity: Price: $70.00 Ready To Ship


Check out our  pettipants or satin pettishorts 


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